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Thesaurus linguae Latinae (TLL)


Authors, works and further abbreviations

Authors and works

The Index librorum scriptorum inscriptionum ex quibus exempla afferuntur (second edition 1990) supplies the key to the abbreviations used in the Thesaurus for Latin authors and works. Every printed edition of the TLL contains this Index librorum.

Apart from the abbreviations it gives, inter alia, datings of authors and their works, the standard editions and, where necessary, the Greek originals.

A supplement to the Index is maintained and continuously updated. It can be found under the Addenda Indici. Only newly added Texts and changes of citation are presented.

Other abbreviations

The headword is represented by the shortest possible unambiguous abbreviation of its ending, e.g. radix: sing. -x, -is, -i, -em, -e, plur. -es, -um, -bus (cf. this overview).

A small selection of the most commonly used abbreviations in headings and explanations (further abbreviations can be downloaded as PDF as well as the abbreviations for Indoeuropean and Romance languages):

ad l.

ad locum


(et) alia.

a. 35

anno 35 post Christum

a. 35 a. Chr.

anno 35 ante Christum

apud ICTos

apud iurisconsultos


confer, conferas, conferatur sim.


collato, -a, -is


coniecit, coniectura

e.g. (ex. gr.)

exempli gratia


et quae sequuntur




id est

i. q.

idem (est) quod

in univ.

in universum


omisit, omittitur, omisso sim.

q.e., q.s.

qui/quae/quod est, qui/quae sunt


(et) similia, similiter

var. l.

varia lectio

vol. VI 2, 1904,83

sc. Thesauri vol. VII pars altera p. 1904 l. 83

in schedis nostris

sc. archivi Thesauri

in exemplari nostro

sc. bibliothecae Thesauri


Commentaries on the texts quoted and a number of standard works are usually cited by author's name alone, e.g. nascor vol. IX 1, 108, 27 zu STAT. silv. 5, 1, 6 v. Gibson, comm. 2006, ad l. In the same article Hofmann-Szantyr (IX 1, 98, 37) means J. B. Hofmann's Lateinische Syntax und Stilistik as revised by A. Szantyr, München, 1965 (corrected edition 1972).

Other standard works may have a brief title added. In general, titles of secondary literature are given in the shortest readily comprehensible form, usually with year of publication to facilitate reference to L'Annee Philologique. For example in the article nascor (vol. IX 1, 83, 25 f.) Leumann, Gramm. 1977 stands for the sixth edition of M. Leumann's Lateinische Laut- und Formenlehre, München, 1977.

A list of abbreviations of journals is available as PDF.